Friday, June 15, 2012

What about the victims of crime?  What will happen to them if JM is elected?  Will he continue to let offenders out on OR bonds without telling the victims, putting the victim’s life in danger?  Will JM use his power as DA to continue to change bond orders on convicted sex offenders so they can move into residence across from our children’s schools?  JM does not care about victims of crimes, he cares about his friends and the persons who rent property from him, and if they are defendants he will do everything to protect them or make their life easier; this is not the type of person we need as a DA.  We need someone who cares about victims of crimes, not someone who is just looking for friends and a cool title to add to his resume.
Why would we even consider Jonathan Miller for the District Attorney of the Brunswick Judicial Circuit?  He has never tried any major cases; the most important case he tried was the one where two twins beat a guy.  Has he ever tried a death penalty case?  He is running for a position where he is going to have to know how to manage finances and get the office out of debt, but he cannot even manage his personal finances.  How many times have we seen his name in the paper involving another one of his properties going into foreclosure?  Didn't he get a large inheritance from his family?  He must have burned through that money fast!  We don’t need him to do that with the Brunswick Judicial Circuit finances!